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Post Construction Cleaning

ECO Facilities Management Services - Post Construction Cleaning

Is your post construction site look like a mess? Hire our ECO Facilities Management Post Construction Cleaning services which will clean out the cluster in short span of time. Our team is well experienced and equipped with all the necessary tools that will do the cleaning effectively. We use environment-friendly products that won’t harm the paint or flooring. Also, they are safer to use and won’t can and fumes that can cause any problem.

How does ECO Facilities Management Team work on Post Construction Sites?

When you book a post construction cleaning, be confident that our team will be rendering deep cleaning from top to bottom. Be it the scrubbing on floors, wiping the counter, shining the faucets and every corner until the place is dust free. We are sure of our cleaning service and can guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers.

What is included in ECO Facilities Management Post Construction Cleaning Services?

  • The floor gets cleaned.
  • Cabinets are cleaned from inside and outside.
  • All the window panes are dusted.
  • Each surface is wiped.
  • Small or big appliances are cleaned.
  • Marks are removed from all kind of surface.
  • Fixtures are cleaned and polished.
  • Sinks, toilet seats, and bathrooms are sanitized.
  • Door, doorknobs, and switchboards are wiped.
  • Thrash is removed.


So, next time when you are taking a stress on cleaning the post construction site, instead of hiring a maid, ask for ECO Facilities Management Post Construction Cleaning Services which are rendered by the team of experienced cleaners


Post Construction Cleaning Post Construction Cleaning

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“ We haven't pondered about this excellent quality service would be provided to us. Would keep in touch with you for lifetime maintenance. ”


“ ECO Team has been the best team in conservancy and clearance. Undoubtedly, we always choose you whenever sanitation is concerned. ”

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“ We are glad to have had cleaning of premises done by Eco Facility Management Services and experienced the herd of intelligent and diligent ”

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