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ECO Facilities Management Warehouse is specialized in providing Industrial cleaning, Company cleaning and warehouse cleaning in Vadodara. With our team of experienced cleaners, cleaning process becomes super easy. It doesn’t matter if you own a big industrial area or a small warehouse, our team will come fully equipped to clean the place.

Warehouse Cleaning Process by ECO Facilities Management Warehouse

  • On initial stage, the whole area is sweep and vacuum so that all the dust from the flooring gets removed. We also make sure that any trash lying around the corners are cleaned.
  • Then, the floor area is prepared for deep scrubbing. If you have any stains on the floor, a particular floor detergent is used for scrubbing so that any sticky substance, deep logged dirt and grime is removed from the floor. If the area is big, cleaning equipment’s are used to get faster and efficient cleaning.
  • On the final stage, the floor gets cleaned and mopped, so the remains of detergent are removed giving you a squeaky-clean floor. The floor is dried, and final inspection is made so that no area is left unattended.


If your business runs on weekdays, our warehouse cleaning services are easily available on weekends or holidays. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for the work done. Also, the chemicals used for cleaning are not at all harmful and won’t damage the color or texture of the flooring. With our flexible working timings, we can easily meet your cleaning requirements. So, if you want a cleaning done is early morning, weekend or in the evening, contact ECO Facilities Management Warehouse cleaning services.


Warehouse Cleaning Warehouse Cleaning

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“ We haven't pondered about this excellent quality service would be provided to us. Would keep in touch with you for lifetime maintenance. ”


“ ECO Team has been the best team in conservancy and clearance. Undoubtedly, we always choose you whenever sanitation is concerned. ”

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“ We are glad to have had cleaning of premises done by Eco Facility Management Services and experienced the herd of intelligent and diligent ”

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