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The one place which gets least cleaned is the overhead tank where the water is stored. If you are looking for professional Drinking water tank cleaning in Vadodara, then ECO Facilities Management Tank Cleaning Services Gujarat has a team of professionals that use high jet water pressure system to clean the tank. So, if your requirement is for Big storage tank cleaning in Vadodara, Chemical Tank Cleaning in Vadodara or Oil tank cleaning in Vadodara, we are fully prepared to deliver the service.

Steps of Tank Cleaning Services by ECO Facilities Management

  • De-Watering of Tank: At first, we remove all the previous stored water with the help of powerful de-watering equipment. In this, the dirt, mud or algae are removed from the tank.
  • Removal of Sludge: Sludge which contaminates the water is sucked out with the help of pumping equipment.
  • Cleaning with High-Pressure Water Spray: At the third stage, all the walls and ceilings are spray with jet cleaners to remove all the contaminated surface. It also removes the mineral deposits which can be the reason for the microbiological growth.
  • Vacuum Cleaning the Tank: Once all the contamination is removed, the tank is cleaned final time with special vacuum to remove any remaining water or sludge.


All this process is done by professional who are well trained in cleaning all types of tanks. With this process, you can easily get the water tanks clean in short span of time in a hygienic way. So, if you ever look for Over Head Tank cleaning in Vadodara, do call ECO Facilities Management to book for a standard overhead tank cleaning service.


Tank Cleaning Tank Cleaning Tank Cleaning Tank Cleaning

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